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MAC OGS will now be using SchoolMessenger as a means of communication with our parents to report absentees, late arrivals and other important announcements. Learn about the application to stay well connected to your child’s school.


    All About School Messenger

SchoolMessenger is the trusted platform for parent and community engagement.

The SchoolMessenger app brings together rich teacher messaging, school notification, and more helpful features. This provides parents with a single app for all school communications, and gives school leaders more visibility into school- and district-wide messaging. Best of all, it’s available for free – as a mobile app for Apple and Android devices and as a Web-based application.

Watch the video below for more information.

How to opt in 

  • Text 978-338
  • Send ‘Y’ as a message to confirm getting notifications from the SchoolMessenger App

How to sign up

  • Download the app from the AppStore. Remember to download the one with the blue icon
  • Create a new account by clicking on the link below  https://go.schoolmessenger.ca/#/account/signup
  • Use the email address registered in the school’s system

Please note:

  • As of February 19, 2020 all absentees/late arrivals need to be reported through the SchoolMessenger App. The school will no longer be accepting calls to report absent and late arrivals.
  • In case of reports made via phone and not the app, an absent call will be sent out by the school.
  • To report a full day absent and avoid receiving a call from school, be sure to report before 9am.
  • For early dismissal, please report through the app before 12pm.

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