MAC Quran Competition 2022

January 1, 2022

The 19th Noble Quran Memorization & Tajweed Contest will be held Online


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Please choose the level  you registered in from the following to access the study guide

1. Bronze level – Youth (Juz 30th)

2. Silver Level – Youth (Juz 29th &30th)

3. Gold Level – Youth (Juz 28th till 30th)

4. Pearl Level – Youth (Juz 27th till 30th) 

5. Diamond Level -Youth (Juz 26th-30th) 

6. Az Zharawan ( AlBaqarah & Al Imran) – All Ages

7. Huffaz ( Al Maidah, Al Ana’am, An Nur, Al Furqan and Hawameem)

8. Surat Al Nur -18-23 

9. Surat Al Anfal & At Tawbah +23 

10. Grade 1 to 12  Surah 

11. No Study guide for JK or SK, participants in JK and SK are only required to memorize the Surah.