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MAC – Annual Quran Contest 2022

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MAC 19th Noble Quran Memorization & Tajweed Contest 2022

Important Information

  1. All Participants are allowed to register for only one of the contest categories.
  2. The Quran contest is held online this year.
  3. Youth participants are participants born between 2003 and 2017.
  4. Only Participants born between 2003 and 2017 are allowed to register for Youth Huffath Categories.
  5. Al-Zahrawan Category is open for all participants 4 years and older.
  6. Huffaz Category is open for all participants 4 years and older.
  7. Standard registration fee of 25$  ends on December 27th, 2021.
  8. Late registration fee applies for registration between December 28 and 31st, 2021. Late registration fee is 35$.
  9. All fees are non-refundable.
  10. Study Guide for Surah Meanings  will be posted shortly.
  11. Details on how to book recitation times will be announced shortly before the contest day.

Quran Contest Categories

Standard: Surah According to Age:

Birth Year                   Surah

2017                               An-Nasr

2016                              Az-Zalzala

2015                              An-Naba

2014                              Al-Muzzammil

2013                              Al-Mulk

2012                              Al-Ma’arij

2011                              Al-Qalam

2010                              Al-Hujurat

2009                              Al-Hashr

2008                              Al-Fath

2007                              Al-Ahqaf

2006                              Yaseen

2005                              Az-Zukhruf

2004                              Maryam

1998-2003                   An-Nur

1997 and Older           Al-Anfal and At-Tawbah

Youth Categories:

  1. Bronze (Juz’ 30)
  2. Silver (Juz’ 29 and 30)
  3. Gold (Juz’ 28, 29, and 30)
  4. Pearl (Juz’ 27, 28, 29, and 30)
  5. Diamond (Juz’ 26, 27, 28, 29, and 30)

Huffaz Category:

 Huffaz (Al-Ma’idah, Al-An`am, An-Nur, Al-Furqan, and the seven Al -Hawamim Surahs)

Al-Zahrawan Category:

Al-Zahrawan (Al-Baqarah and Al-Imran)


MAC Quran Contest Rules and Regulations

Day of the Contest

  1. The contestant/parent should be ready to provide an Identification Card for the judges to verify the contestant information.
  2. The camera should be on for the whole duration of the contest.
  3. It is the responsibility of the participants/parents to provide the proper device, internet connection, and environment at home to participate in the contest.
  4. Contestants acknowledge that they will stick to competition rules and do not seek any type of help when reciting. Parents of minors should share the contest rules with their kids, and  acknowledge that all will  abide by the rules.
  5. Contestants are evaluated based on their memorization, proper application of the Tajweed and recitation rules by our  professional skilled judges. 
  6. With no solid evidence, the mark cannot be disputed.
  7. As the contest will be online, it is CRUCIAL to have the correct email for you. Please email at Quran@olivegroveschool.ca  if you did not get any email regarding the details by December 29th, 2021.
  8. Valuable prizes will be awarded to the contestants. Details will be posted on the website and emailed to winners a few weeks after the contest ends.


January 1, 2022
10:00 am - 5:30 pm


MAC Quran Contest 2022 Online
Ontario Canada
877-647-3630 Ext 8
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MAC Al-Huda Schools
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