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Transportation is provided to students as a private fee for service. Transportation fees are calculated on a monthly basis. For morning pickups, students are required to be on time at their designated stop. The buses will not wait. Upon arrival at school, staff will escort the children into the school. Students are expected to observe all bus safety rules at all times.

At dismissal time, students are expected to line up in the designated area in an orderly fashion. Please notify the school by 12:00 p.m. if you plan to pick up your child. We take attendance before students board the bus. Students from K – 5 will not be dropped off unless there is a parent or responsible person designated by the parents to receive them.


Late Buses

Due to unforeseen circumstances, there may be major delays in picking/dropping off students. The bus driver will contact the parents to inform them of the situation. 


Bus Cancellations

On occasion, buses may be cancelled due to inclement weather. There will be no transportation provided on these days.

Transportation Fees

One Way

$150 (per month)


Two Way

$200 (per month)

Note: Transportation fee is per month, per child