Alfurqan Prep Program

The main goal of this program is to improve the reading and memorization skills of the children hoping to join Al-Furqan in the following year. There are two phases in this program and can be explained as follows.

1- Reading phase: In this phase, we focus only on reading skills starting with the correct pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet. We use Bidaya book by Sheikh Ahmed Alshayky for this part. By the end of this phase, the students should be trained to open any page randomly from the Quran and read it. The expected time window for this phase is 4-5 months depending on the students’ level.

2- Memorization phase: In this phase, the students are trained to enhance their memorization skills up to 10 lines (half page) per session. As a training material, we choose one long surah and help students to memorize it in the class. In parallel, the students are asked to memorize Juz Amma at home as homework and will be tested in the class. This phase takes 4-5 months.