Al-Furqan Hifth Program


Alfurqan Hifth Program strives to provide excellent unique learning experiences in academic and Islamic disciplines, which will help graduate Muslim students capable of demonstrating impeccable Islamic character along with advanced academic skills. We will pursue our mission by sincerely seeking the support of Allah (SWT), the utilization of advanced curriculum and educational means and the employment of committed and highly qualified educators.


Alfurqan Hifth Program has been initiated by the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) and has been established in Kitchener since September 2009.
With four levels and highly qualified teachers, Alfurqan Hifth Program aims to teach students how to read the Quran with proper pronunciation (Tajweed) and teach them the meanings (Tafseer) of the ayahs. Alfurqan Hifth Program equips the students with the tools to enable them to memorize the entire Quran.
Alfurqan provides its full-time program during regular school hours. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9:25 am to 12:35 pm. Students attend the first period with their homeroom class, then they attend the Hifth Program classes from the second period to the fourth, i.e. 9:25 am to 12:35 pm. Students then rejoin their homeroom teacher from 12:35 pm to 4:00 pm to resume the rest of their academic subjects.


The integrity of Alfurqan Hifth Program community is built on a set of core values:

  • Strong Quranic recitation skills for all students
  • Professional excellence
  • An environment of respect and care for all
  • High standards in a school setting


  • To graduate quality students who combine the memorization of the Quran and the study of the Ontario curriculum
  • To encourage students to integrate Islam into their daily lives
  • To develop each student’s ability to think, analyze and solve problems
  • To prepare students for their professional career goals
  • To prepare students to be good and productive citizens in society


  • Level 1: Surah Al Mursalat to Surah Al Jathiyah
  • Level 2: Surah Al Dukhan to Surah Al Hajj+ Review Level one Curriculum
  • Level 3: Surah Al Anbiyaa’ to Surah Yusuf + Review Level one and two curriculum
  • Level 4: Surah Hud to Surah Al Anaam + Review Level one, two and three curriculum
  • Level 5: Surah Al Maidah to Surah Al Fatiha + Review of the whole Quran.

Students master the rules of Tajweed and are assessed continuously throughout the course. Alfurqan Hifth Program uses “The Big Book of Tajweed Rules for School Students” to teach our students using a clear and straightforward approach.


Alfurqan Hifth Program welcomes students from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Only students in grades 4 and 5 can apply to join. Students in grade 6 may apply; however, Alfurqan management holds the right not accept their application, as the program is a four year one which has proven to be the most effective when students join it in grades 4 and 5.
Parents seeking admission for their children at Alfurqan Hifth Program should have a clear understanding of their time obligations towards the program. Alfurqan Hifth Program is intensive; it requires a lot of time, effort and dedication from both students and their families.
Candidates for admission are selected based on several factors including:

  • Previous teacher recommendations (if applicable)
  • Previous school conduct
  • Academic performance
  • Ability to read and memorize the Quran
  • Memorization of Juz’ 30 is mandatory to join the Hifth PrograM
  • Number of spots available in the program Family’s commitment to meet the financial and educational obligation to the school


New students will be allowed entrance into the Hifth classes only after meeting the following criteria:

  • Submission of registration forms
  • Payment of fees as per the financial contract
  • Passing of the academic entrance exam as well as the Hifth memorization exam (see below for more information)

Email any registration inquiries to or call 226-647-8500.


Students applying for the Hifth program will be tested on their memorization of Juz’ 30 in September before school starts.
The Quran teachers will be assessing:

  • Level of memorization
  • Tajweed and pronunciation
  • Ability to read any text from the Quran

The Quran teachers will make the final decision regarding a student’s admission based on the following:

  • Personal interview with the student/family
  • The results of the entrance Hifth test


  • Alfurqan Hifth Program field trips
  • Alfurqan Hifth Program student planner


MAC Maple Grove and Alfurqan Hifth Program Principal: Sr. Rania Lawendy –
Level 1 Teacher: Sr. Doaa Mahrouse                 email:
Level 2 Teacher: Sr. Noor Rajab                        email:
Level 3 Teacher: Sheikh Mohammed Bendame  email:
Level 4 Teacher: Sr. Hanan  Alshommali           email:
and Sr. Aisha Alkayal         email: