New Students Registration

Thank you for your interest in MAC Maple Grove School. We offer classes from Kindergarten to Grade 8 with new students applying to all grades every year. To maintain our commitment to excellence our admission and registration is based on below mention process.

  • Registration of new students is on first come first served basis.
  • Children are placed according to their age.
  • School does not have the facilities to accommodate special need students.
  • Students coming from other schools must have an overall C in core subjects.
  • Registration will not be considered final until full fees are paid.
  • All new students will be automatically put on a three months probation period.

Our doors are always open for prospective families and you are welcome to visit the school throughout the year!

For registering your child to MAC MGS please follow the steps below:
  1. Go to the forms on our website and download all the forms.
  2. Fill out the forms and save them on your computer. (Use of laptop/computer is preferred for the process to go smoothly)
  3. Go to the registration portal and sign up with your email address.
  4. Add your details and your child’s details on the portal and apply.
  5. Upload the previously saved forms to this portal.
  6. Pay the application fees.


The Canadian Test of Basic Skills (CTBS) is a standardized test that is used by both private and public schools across Canada. The exam is developed and administered by Nelson Canada, a division of Thompson Publishing. It is designed to assist schools in assessing the success and effectiveness of their programs, specifically examining the basic skills in Language, Math, Science, Maps and Diagrams.

Individual student and school profiles are generated from the results of the CTBS. The results are reported as Grade Equivalents or National Percentile Rankings (NPR). These scores indicate how an individual student performs in comparison to peers in the same grade from across Canada. Each student who has taken the test receives an individual chart that indicates their individual results.

The school also generates an NPR, which compares the individual school to the other schools from across Canada

Probation Period

All new students will be placed on a probation period of three months. If a student is not achieving the academic requirements at the end of this period they may be asked to leave the school. Students must be at a grade level of C- or above at the end of this probation period

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