Strong Start and Literacy Programs

At MGS, we strive to provide the best start to all our students. Becoming a better reader is essential to boosting self-esteem, gaining self-confidence which then translates to all areas of a child’s development. We have several volunteer run programs to help students in achieving their literacy goals. Strong Start is a 10-week platform focusing primarily on students in Grade 1 to help them become proficient in recognizing their letters, sounds, blending and sight words. It is inspiring to see a child who completes all levels of the program and proudly requests books with “lots of words”.

Our Reading Program is another such volunteer based program that we use in order to assist students become fluent readers while improving comprehension and command of the English language. Sometimes, all a student needs to thrive is to practice a skill they already know. A little extra help, with a lot of positive praise and feedback can catapult a child into successful, lifelong readers.