In 2017, OGS was chosen as the pilot school for launching iRISE, an evidence based framework to ensure Islamic worldview conceptions implemented in MAC schools nationwide. Though only Grades 4-6 participated in the first year, the program has now been extended to all grades JK-12.

iRISE uses a God-centered approach to all aspects of life, and the OGS Guidance Counsellors, staff and iRISE team members have been successfully implementing core Islamic values centered around Rabbaniyah (God-centeredness) in all aspects of school to inculcate student mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health and wellbeing.

Our vision for iRISE is to encourage students to embody the Islamic character; to reach their full potential; to have a strong sense of responsibility and care; and to be prepared to rise above any challenges they may face.

iRISE stands for:

  • i: symbolizes personal connection to Allah SWT and ownership of the values
  • Rabbaniyah: Developing faith and being God-centered
  • Integrity: Strong internally-driven moral principles
  • Service: Acting upon one’s responsibility with respect to all concentric circles: from individual to family to society to the world
  • Excellence: Developing knowledge, skills and personal attributes to reach one’s full potential

We are excited for our students to embark on this journey to rise to please Allah SWT; rise to do what’s right; rise to care for others; and rise to do their best.