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Subject Teachers

Ms. Abdellateef


Ms. Adlouni

Chemistry & Islamic Studies

Mr. Chawla

Integrated Arts

Ms. Rabbani

French, Civics & Careers

Ms. Teebi

Frecnch & Islamic Studies

Ms. Atif

Computer Science & Business Technology

Ms. Sahib

Language Arts

Ms. Rafik

Islamic Studies

Ms. Alameddine

Physics & Politics

Ms. Hafsa


Ms. Feza

Communications Technology

Administration and Support Staff

Mr. Bakbak


Ms. Toor

Vice Pricipal

Mr. Mallick

Academic Counsellor / High School iRISE Lead

Ms. Abo-Elwafa

Administration Assistant

Ms. Nensey

Guidance Counsellor

Mr. Naji

Facility Manager

Ms. Sherif

EnrichIt Coordinator