Creative Minds Preschool Applications

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The goal of the Creative Minds Preschool is to develop inner discipline in preschool children by teaching them about making good choices, receiving consequences, and assuming responsibility for behaviour. We offer Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies for preschool children ages three to five years. Our goal is to nurture our children’s well-being and develop their inherent love of learning in a caring environment.

Using strategic play-based opportunities, our students develop growing confidence in communication, literacy and numeracy. We foster a growing awareness of diversity and social responsibility through developmentally appropriate activities. Creative Minds Preschool promotes collaborative relationships in a child-centred environment, thereby encouraging growth, creativity, and critical thinking.

Annual Tuition Fees
New Student Application Fee

$100/student (Non-refundable)
$20 Waitlist Fee (Non-refundable)

Additional Fees
$30 Four-Year-Old Workbook Fee