Our Programs

MAC Islamic School. Let's rise to please Allah SWT.

MAC Islamic school’s mandate is the holistic development of our students; i.e. academic, physical and spiritual growth. We empower our students to be confident about their identity as Muslim Canadians and strive for academic excellence. Children of today will be leaders of tomorrow. MAC Islamic school weaves leadership behaviour, Islamic knowledge, etiquettes and a strong sense of ownership and participation in society. Islamic values and practice are actively integrated into each subject area at all grade levels. Our school helps students to deepen their Islamic faith, to actively draw upon their strengths and talents, developing the skills needed to become responsible and productive members of society and to foster a commitment to life-long learning.

Creative Minds Preschool

Creative Minds Preschool follows the Montessori educational approach. We provide Quran and Islamic teachings for children ages 3-5. Our goal is to nurture our children’s well-being and develop their inherent love of learning in a caring environment. Using strategic play-based opportunities, our students develop growing confidence in communication, literacy and numeracy.

Children learn through practising tasks rather than through listening and having to memorize. Creative Minds uses Montessori Materials to help the child understand what he/she learns by associating an abstract concept with a concrete sensorial experience. In this manner, the child is learning and not just memorizing.

The Montessori Method stresses that children learn and progress at their own pace so that fast learners are not held back, and slow learners are not frustrated by their inability to keep up. Lesson instruction is mostly individual-based, and differences in learning ability are recognized.


  • Arabic, Quran and Islamic Studies
  • Practical Life: The skills of daily living
  • The Purposes of the Practical Life Area: Direct and Indirect
  • Math: Exploration of The world from concrete to abstract
  • Language: The Transition from spoken to the written word
  • Geography and Science: Where are we in this world? Natural Resources and Human’s Place in a Changing World
  • The Arts: It is about the process, not the product

Full-Day Kindergarten & Elementary

The Kindergarten to Grade 6 program facilitates creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration. The development of social, moral, and spiritual skills helps our students excel. Students discover their unique personalities and use their strengths to make positive contributions to the community.

Our full-day kindergarten provides young children with a solid foundation to help them grow spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically, and academically. Jolly Phonics and Empowering Writers are two highly recommended and successful resources teachers are using with their students to develop reading and writing skills.

Learning takes place in a positive, engaging environment where patience and understanding are exercised for future success and to prepare children for the transition into grade one. The students learn all subjects including Arabic, Islamic Studies and Quran.

Junior High

Our Junior High program caters to students in Grades 7-9. Students acquire the skills and tools necessary to succeed in high school and beyond. Engaging in a curriculum rich in academic, spiritual, social, and moral development; students gain a deeper understanding of their Canadian identity and are inspired to be leaders in the 21st century.

Quran, Arabic, and Islamic Studies (QAIS)

We are committed to providing a challenging, yet, nurturing, environment aimed at enhancing our students spiritual, academic, physical, emotional, and social development. Based on the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah, we strive to strengthen our students Canadian Identity and instil the universal values of love, peace, justice, and tolerance.

The Arabic curriculum standards have been developed under the advisory of industry experts. Quran Studies integrate Qaida Nooraniyah with subsequently advancing levels, including tasfeer. Islamic Studies curriculum is carefully devised, thereby engaging students to think critically about their Muslim identity in Canada today.


iRISE is an evidence-based, community-driven, character education program whereby students embody Islamic values and acquire relevant life skills to meet the 21st-century challenges, rooted in developing a strong relationship with Allah SWT.

Our vision for iRISE is to encourage students to embody the Islamic character; to reach their full potential; to have a strong sense of responsibility and care, and to be prepared to rise above any challenges they may face.

iRISE stands for:

i: symbolizes the personal connection to Allah SWT and ownership of the values

Rabbaniyah: Developing faith and being God-centered

Integrity: Strong internally-driven moral principles

Service: Acting upon one’s responsibility for all concentric circles: from individual to family to society to the world

Excellence: Developing knowledge, skills and personal attributes to reach one’s full potential

We are excited for our students to embark on this journey to rise to please Allah SWT; rise to do what’s right; rise to care for others, and rise to do their best.


EnrichIt! was established in 2007 and has continued to grow into a program for students, parents, and families! The purpose of EnrichIt! is to strive to enrich education through a wide variety of experiences. The advantage of enhancing the theory with hands-on learning methods is that students grasp difficult concepts more easily when they are having fun and seeing the theory bloom into something they created.

EnrichIt! helps build communities providing a safe and welcoming environment for newcomers and people from all diverse backgrounds. It has also lead to numerous achievements in literacy, science, math, physical education, and more!

EnrichIt! activities are age-appropriate and motivate students to extend their interest beyond the Alberta Curriculum. Many EnrichIt! Activities act as motivation for long term student success as they take part in activities that challenge them and broaden their horizons through a variety of fun and interactive opportunities. They contribute to a well-rounded education.

For more information, contact EnrichIt@MacIslamicSchool.com